After 10 years carrying the title of “Head of Video Production” for a large corporate, music, and event company in Dallas, TX, Ryan Brown made the move to Los Angeles, in 2012. His strong and unique visual talents quickly caught the eye of the A-list music video world, where he worked with artists and labels including Atlantic Records, Sony BMG, LL Cool J, Robin Thicke, Chris Brown, Wiz Khalifa, and many more.

Ryan was then offered the role of Director of photography for the national television show, “Being”, where he traveled the United States profiling some of the most iconic actors, musicians, and entertainment personalities in the world.

While shooting “Being”, he continued to freelance and became a reliable DP shooting spots for NBC, BBC, CBS, BET, and MTV.

After two season’s with the show, Ryan made the decision to shift gears and focus his efforts on to narrative work. He has a slate of films planned for the future, and is determined to prove himself as a talented, ambitious Director of Photography, bringing a unique and powerful view to the film industry.